Workshop Prep

The writing and planning of my workshop is finally underway, at last. This workshop is a complete beginners one for people that have a sewing machine but have no idea how to use it. So we will be covering

How to thread the machine
How to wind the bobbin
How to control speed
Basic stiching – straight and zigzag. Stitch sizing
Basic seams
THe importance of ironing
They will also go home with a slip cushion cover that they will have made.
£20 for 2-3 hours all materials included plus cake and tea/coffee
Not bad hey?
If anyone is interested I have one place left
A sample cushion cover that I knocked up yesterday
In other news I have more orders coming through and a market to prepare for next week. All in all a good week. How are you all doing?
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  1. Lexa Cain says:

    That’s great. I took a sewing class when I was young and it was so helpful. Wishing you the very best! :-)

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