All change here…

Although the title of this blog post describes what is happening in my world at the moment it has  been prompted by a mate’s train journey today through rural Wales. A small train line with request stops in which you have to signal to the driver that you need to stop. I don’t know why I find the idea of this so appealing I just do. In reality it could I suppose be a bit stressful if the driver doesn’t see/hear your signal. When this happens on the bus your journey is generally only extended by a short distance but on a train, it would be miles. Still provokes nice images though. This may be true of train lines where you live but as I live 40 miles out of London, this isn’t the case here. I love the idea of it, and as she said it is just like The Railway Children.

The change for me though is on a educational / work front. After attending a week long course in March to increase my skills for the sewing workshops I have been holding, I realised that the college environment is one that I love and desire to work in. I am sure (in fact I know) that I am looking through rose tinted glasses but the technicians and tutors job did really appeal to me. Unfortunately although my qualifications on paper are many, apart from experience working as a textile and food writer/researcher many years ago I have nothing which would qualify me for such a role.

So back to school I go aged 41, as a full time student with lots of lovely people who are a lot younger than me. The course I am taking is Fashion and Clothing and what career path that will take me down is still questionable. Ideally I would like to do a PGCE after this level 3 course but I’m open minded. So many cuts are being made across the board in the Art world who knows what will be available. But if I don’t at least try I will regret it. This is why I am staring today at this marvellous book and why I now have a shelf full of sketch pads.

This is where I start to panic, I vaguely know my way around a sewing machine but drawing? Lets just say its not my strongest point. Hence the purchase of this book.

The joy of this course timetable is that I will still be able to make it to my Mysore classes in Berko and I also have an excuse to make myself a new bag (like I need one). A college bag is being designed at the moment and the fabric is just amazing. If the pattern works out well (big IF) then a tutorial will follow here this week hopefully.

So apart from yoga and college chat I  want to start filling this blog up with as many tutorials as I can. I promised this to the ladies who came on to my workshops months ago and as I haven’t got round to it yet I need to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

Right off to study fashion mags – I know the hardship!

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