Procrastination is my favourite hobby

Blimey it is so long since I have written a blog post it has taken me about 30 minutes to remember the password. After that I yet again had to convince the computer that I am a sentient being and not a robot – a test I managed to fail three times. I have had this problem before

Since I started full time college in September, life has been hectic to say the least; most days I dont know whether I am coming or going but I absolutely love the chaos. I am learning so much at an extroadinarily fast rate, which in turn is sparking up even more creative ideas. The family are being really supportive as they trip over all of my college stuff when they walk through the house. I thought that I would find having to put Martha into breakfast club and after school club challenging but we all seem to have adapted to the new regime marvellously. I really want to share some of the skills I am learning at college with the online sewing community – after all it is through sewing blogs that I taught myself to sew 7 years ago. I also want to share discoveries I make through my yoga practice, I am assuming the best way to do this is through two separate pages within the same blog??? Obviously I have no idea how to do this so if someone could help that would be marvellous. ( this post has taken so long to write that I have also worked out how to do that)

Although it has to be said that the paths of yoga and sewing do cross – well they do in my life and I am not just talking yoga bags. Whilst laying out pattern pieces onto fabric one evening last week, I was stretching awkwardly and pulled something towards the middle of my back. It hurt a lot! I tried some stretching - it hurt. I tried deep  breathing that hurt beyond belief. So I cried and took a hot salt bath after bundling the kids into bed early. I felt incredibly sorry for myself – yes I know pulled muscle get over yourself Jo but a painful back in yoga is not a good thing.


I was a good girl and rested it for four days and each day it felt better so I realised I hadn’t done anything too drastic. Although concerned about Mysore class on Friday, I knew that if i listened to my body and didn’t push myself i should be okay and obviously I made Cathy aware. The good thing about Cathy my teacher being aware is that I knew Icould avoid adjustment in Prasarita Padottanasana. (sorry Cathy)

Luckily I managed to park my mat next to my yoga pal Di, our practice moves at the same pace which I find creates a nice energy around us. Everybody practices at a different pace and whilst my practice does not feel slow I am conscious that I am still going when others who have come in later have completed primary and part of second and are in savasanah. Although (to bastardise a Paul Yong lyric) I am happy wherever I lay my mat, I can feel rushed and not connected to my breath if the yogi next to me is moving at a faster pace. Maybe the problem lies with me and my lack of dristi!

In this  practice my breath felt wonderful and deep, throughout I visualised the breath circling around the area that was sore. Forward bends felt wonderful, the twists not so. I didn’t push myself in the maris and certainly didnt force myself to bind in half lotus. Bizarrely back bends felt lovely – well you know that fine line between wondeful and blooming hard work surely its time for cake now feeling. I felt so refreshed after the practice, so many creative ideas surged into my head it was wonderful. Although I may need a Hermione Granger time turning watch to be able to follow them all through.

 Yoga is quite magic really isn’t it.

Before I go, surely a musical yogi should release the song “Wherever I lay my mat thats my Home”. Just a thought.

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