Yogic Bliss?

So what is this feeling you get after an amazing yoga practice and why does it happen? This morning I had to force myself into my car to go to yoga as my mind was telling me not to go. The last two mornings of home practice have felt brilliant, my iron levels are on their way back up and I can really feel my strength improving

This morning however, my stomach was cramping, my chest felt wheezy, I hadn’t slept too well and all i wanted to do was go back to bed enjoying a half term lie in. But I had a light breakfast of avocado with peanut butter got in my car and went.

Now? My chest feels clear and open thanks to the Ujjaji breathing, the cramping has gone and I feel on top of the world.

As someone who has battled with depression – to be honest I hate that word battle because at the time of it you succumb, there isn’t much fighting to be had – the answer is in the breath. This is nothing new to yogis out there but incredibly difficult to describe to an outsider. You know one of those normal people that doesn’t obsess about having the strength to jump through, drop back or ever hear the words “lets try the first pose in 2nd series”.

I have said to friends in the past who are suffering with depression that maybe they try yoga, and I get the obvious responses – “ooh no I cannot touch my toes” or “no thanks I already do enough exercise”. How do you explain that by connecting to the breath your mind becomes free and on the way home you find yourself crying to a cheesy song and waving at random cyclists?


Any suggestions?

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