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Hi, so this is my very first post as funky yoga bags. I have had other blogs detailing my sewing antics but I have started this one so that i can not only chat about making yoga bags; but also about my yoga practise. Obviously it will be lovely to get to know other yogis.

So then, I am Joanna and I am setting up my own yoga bag business. All the bags are designed and made by me. They are funky in that the fabric is more colourful than the average yoga bag.

The website is up and running and I am currently working my way through metres of fabric and cotton to get the stock made. Up until now, my yoga bags have either been sold by direct order or through the studio where i practise in BErkhamsted, BayYoga But recently I took the plunge, resigned from my job to immerse myself fully into the world of fabric and pins.

I practise Ashtanga yoga and I would love to say that I practise every morning before I get on with my day, but I don’t. My home practise goes through fits and starts and very rarely can I make it through the full primary series at home. I am hoping that by writing this blog, my motivation, determination and will power will magically spring up and turn a 5.30am start 6 days a week into a joy rather than at thing of madness.

I kind of fell into Ashtanga. As a mother of two small children with a husband that works overseas most weeks, a yoga class needed to be local and fit into my lifestyle. Of course teachers change their times which meant that I moved class from time to time and with that the style of yoga practised. Yoga is a thing of calm and beauty whichever umbrella it ducks under but Ashtanga did click completely with me. So when I found it, I stuck with it and I have a fab instructor Cathy in Berkhamsted who knows how far physically I can go but also which barriers my mind will throw up. (the whole headstand fear will be probably be discussed later as well as drop backs).

I think Ashtanga works for me in a Mysore style class because I am not listening for instructions, my body knows where it is supposed to go so my mind remains calm (especially after I have moved past Prasarita Padottanasana C which although I can do physically I do not enjoy!). Maybe I am a control freak and like the fact that I am the one dictating when I move from asana to asana (ha did I just say maybe?). It is also the fact that it combines strength, flexibility and fitness. Whatever the reason I love it and strive to make my practise deeper and to overcome the hurdles within the series – they are too numerous to mention here.

SO yes, this blog will basically be my wittering about my personal practise with a bit of fabric joy thrown in. If you have taken the time to read this please say hi.


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