Good Intentions etc etc

I’m just back from a great holiday in Canada where we stayed with family. Pre-holiday I spent my time researching yoga studios, ensuring my sister in law had a yoga mat ready for me to practice daily and trips to Lululemon planned. It would be marvellous as I would be have the time to fit in a full practice each day AND frequent the yoga studios which line each street of Oakville – the town we stayed the majority of our holiday.


I made it onto my mat a handful of times, went for a run once and never made it through the door of a Canadian yoga studio. That thing called life got in the way, you know having fun with family, exploring the native town of Parry Sound when we went North and making friends with my favourite Sauvignon Blanc grape.

I did manage a beautiful practice on this amazing balcony but then unfortunately the weather changed and outside practice would have been a tad damp. A lot of yogic calm was needed to swim in what was our outdoor pool for the four days we spent in Parry Sound – Georgia Bay. The water was beautiful, tackling the lily pads to get into the open water was not!

If any of you reading this are Harry Potter fans then think Mer People in Goblet of Fire. Still a privilege and a joy to be able to swim in such glorious surroundings.

Consequently, my general tardiness, wine consumption and intake of food meant that my return to Mysore class this week was hard. Friday morning, I barely made it to Navasana, however on Saturday I had a fabulous practice – the yogic fairies were definitely with me and I felt that deep joy afterwards. That deep joy has now been replaced with lots of pain as I am unable to move any muscle apart from eyeballs without flinching. There is a lesson to be learned in all of this somewhere………………

My next good intention is to revisit the first draft of a book I wrote over 2 years ago called “Death on a yoga mat”. The problem with editing and re-writing anything is that you have to read the initial stream of consciousness that makes up the first draft. The ideas and writing in the first instance for  me is the easy bit, having to go back and rework it so that it comes together in something that could be read and enjoyed by others is the reason  I am still unpublished.  Still Death on a Yoga Mat is a catchy title hey?



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  1. Kevin says:

    Change it to Death by yoga mat, the Ashtanga assassin!

    Getting back on the mat is hard after time off, take it easy and don’t expect too much, your body needs to get back with the program

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