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A few months ago (because that is how regularly I write this blog), I wrote about how I had cracked the daily practice thing. The thing about thinking you have cracked something, is that you think that will be it. The attained mental fortitude will stay forever, and nothing including ill health etc, will knock it out of place. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It is similar to the no sugar, healthy eating plans or the triumphant feeling you get when not only the laundry bin is empty but so is the ironing pile and everything is put away. Hoorah you shout I am one of those people that can do everything, only for four PE kits, a returning husband’s suitcase contents and bed linen to fill it up the next day; no state of being is locked. It is continually moving and changing with solutions popping up along the way. What I am trying to say is that I no longer have a daily practice, my mojo has gone, the yogic fairies that graced my very presence have vanished.  I would very much like to see it returned please.

I get onto the mat, a few salutations and I finish and move to my book to read . Sometimes I don’t get up. Various things to blame, surgery in June, summer holidays, an over indulgent holiday in Canada and children ever present. But really none of this should stop me from doing what I love and my body is definitely showing the result of not practising.

I am still going to class when I can, this morning I managed the suryas but no more. WHY?

Physically it is because it is hard, I know that, I enjoy that. But the non practice is making it tougher when I do and mentally I miss the focus when I do get to class. My focus is more on blimey this is tough, as opposed to the moving meditation that it should be.

So handy hints please.

Oh and yes I do know that yoga is more than what happens on the mat but the bit on the mat helps.




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