This afternoon I was meant to be at Triyoga in Soho enjoying an arm balancing workshop with Kino MacGregor.  I booked the tickets 10 months ago and had been looking forward to it. Unfortunately I became ill in March and was ill for about 8 weeks.  In September I had minor surgery. Although I kept my practise going through this time it all had a major impact on my strength and performance. Instead my mate Sarah has taken my ticket. I am gutted not to be there.  In life and especially in yoga, you just have to accept what your body is capable of at this precise time.

I think everyone who practises yoga and certainly the ones I know from Ashtanga know that as your body changes from day to day, so does your time on the mat. One of the major lessons of yoga has nothing to do with the physicality of the practise but is about letting go of ego. This is tough. We may not think of ourselves as egotistical but knowing that a week ago you could bind in supta kurmasana or marichyasana d doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen today. The fact that we know we could do it can mean we force out body’s further than they want to go  rather than accepting today’s limitations.

So although I am a tad grumpy that I am not in Triyoga with Kino today, I am happy that a mate is enjoying the experience and know that actually, in all honesty she is far far better at tackling arm balances than me.  There is always next year. I will content myself with  a small home practise.

In other news I am starting a range of eye pillows. They will be filled with organic linseed and the scented range will have dried lavender flowers. I never use a blanket at the end of practise but I do love the eye pillows.

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