I am not a robot

I know that I am not a robot, my limbs move I have independent thought and generally do not follow instructions. I cry, laugh and skip in unlikely places (mostly to embarrass my children).  Plus I am already aching from my Mysore class this morning. Surely a robot wouldn’t ache, they would have lots of hinges in places that make marichyasana D accessible without grunting, pain and face contortion. So why is it that I doubt my non-robot status every time I either subscribe to something or try to leave a comment on a particularly interesting blog post?

The letters you are asked to copy down bear no blooming resemblance to anything I have seen before. It must be a new font, the I AM NOT A ROBOT BUT UNABLE TO PROVE IT font. Is it just me that has to have three or four goes at the thing? Maybe it is old age, maybe I need new glasses. Maybe I am in fact a robot.

(wanders off to apply WD40)

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3 Responses to I am not a robot

  1. Julia says:

    Robots: the ultimately example of vairagya?

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