Chickens, children and an attempt at calm

When I see photos on blogs of people’s home ashtanga practise they seem to be taken in a calm spacious room, maybe a few candles in the corner. I imagine their practise is graceful and led purely by their breath.

In my house, this kind of serene practise never happens. A home practise does happen but with children climbing over my legs or popping their head through whilst I am in downward dog to ask for toast. If that is not happening then the chickens are pecking on the garden doors because they can see me. If they can see me then surely I should be feeding them right?

I have booked myself on to two David Swenson workshops in Triyoga next month so I figured that I need to make  my practise a bit more frequent. Less procrastination more mat time. Obviously I could get up extroadinarily early before the rest of the family including the chickens are awake. I could list the many reasons why this is not going to happen but an inability to get out of bed is probably the main one. I could submerge myself entirely to my breath and ignore the rabble around me which sometimes is achievable, other times when the children have decided to sit in pillow cases and slide down the stairs…………………………………………quite.

I never regret getting on my mat and always feel better afterwards so surely the only obstacle is me. Hmm a stubborn redhead, one of the most resistant forces in life.

Answers on a postcard please


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