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Approximately a year ago, I wrote a book; well the first draft of a book through Nanowrimo. Mine is called ‘Death on a Yoga Mat’ and it isn’t the first time I have completed Nanowrimo but it is the first time I have thought that the story idea is actually okay. The thing is though a fast outpouring of words over the space of a month is actually easier than you would imagine. Well easier if words are your thang. The redrafting however is a nightmare, I think so anyway. This is why a year has passed without me even reading more than the odd sentence. There has always been a nagging voice at the back of my head however, telling me how fab it would be if it was finished and published. How blooming¬†marvellous in fact.

Nanowrimo is absolutely brilliant because it gives you the opportunity to get the words onto paper, it doesn’t however give you the opportunity to edit what you have written. So, at the end you are left with all of these ideas, characterisations and conversations that basically need rewriting. When do you do this?

As I work for myself making yoga bags, eye pillows, evening bags and scarves my time is pretty much taken up with sewing and then looking after my two children. There is an instant impact with a scarf. You make it, you sell it, the creative process is complete and cash is in your pocket. Lovely. Writing is painful, slow going and generally unsuccessful.

This lunchtime as I walked past one of my favourite houses in the village set back off the road wearing a cloak of fog, something clicked inside me. Enough with the procrastination, get your butt in gear Joanna and start checking the meandering mass committed onto  usb last year.

So I am starting the redraft of Death on a Yoga Mat today. Wish me luck.

In other news I am off to the London Yoga Show on Sunday, who else is going? If you are there on Sunday, I’ll be the redhead handing out flyers for funkyyogabags.

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