Receipts receipts and receipts

So November and December have been incredibly busy which is marvellous. I’ve sold via my Etsy shop, website and facebook. What did we do before the days of social media? The downside though of working for myself is the dreaded accounts.


I have a big envelope full of receipts, a pile of paid invoices and a spreadsheet not saying much really. Considering pre-children I was a financial controller you would think that my accounts would be ship shape. Eeek no. So today and tomorrow are meant to be getting organised days. So far, I have made hummus and soda bread. Both of which I can safely say are marvellous and yummy but none of which are particularly constructive.

I have also been doing the charleston around my kitchen to the beautiful sounds of Caro Emerald who is just amazing. All in all a very enjoyable morning but not constructive.

One of my highlights during November was getting an order for teacher yoga bags – to hold multiple yoga mats in to take to class. It was quite a stressful order as obviously I needed to design from scrath. I am quite pleased with the result though.


Right must get on with the dreaded receipts, receipts, receipts (yawn).

have a marvellous Christmas

Jo x


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