Its all in the mind…………honest

So a New Year and with that comes goals, resolutions or whatever else you want to call plans made in the first part of January. I have been no different and have my own list of things I want to achieve during 2013. Some doable some maybe not but hey they are on the list. It was an article in the Jan/Feb edition of Om Yoga Magazine that caught my eye and made me view the way I approach my resolutions differently.

In the section Meditation of the Month, Jill Lawson writes about finding success in achieving goals. It talks about visualisation during meditation. Not a new thing on its own, but this time it is about visualising your goals and taking it that step further by seeing yourself achieving these goals.

I run a small weight loss group which doesn’t follow any particular eating plan being more about tackling why we go to food for comfort. I attempt to get my clients to change their habits and learn to listen to their bodies over the voices in their heads telling them to devour the mars bar. People who struggle with their weight are more often than not led by their mind as opposed to their body telling them to eat. A tough habit to break and one that I struggle with daily. This week I took lead from this article and asked them to go away and each time the need to ransack the kitchen occurred,  visualise their end goal. It could be to see themselves in a little black dress that they can no longer fit into or on their summer holidays without worrying about the need to cover up. It could just be smiling and feeling far more confident in their skin. Isn’t the latter something we would all like to achieve?

Chatting about this at the yoga studio after Mysore class, my teacher and friend Cathy mentioned how she had chatted to another yoga student about a similar method. This time it is visualising goals you want to achieve as you fall asleep. So instead of your worries fleeting through your mind as you try to drop off, picture yourself completing  the London Marathon, on your yoga mat or in my case receiving a box of first editions of my book (obviously published to great reviews!). Not only are you falling asleep on a positive, you are reaffirming your intentions on a daily basis.

So why not give it a go?

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