Quackers about snow.

Really Joanna? You called your post, quackers about snow? Even the daily mail would be embarrassed by that title. The reason for the title is both duck related and snow related. See? Maybe only funny if you have the humour level of a 6 year old like me.

So, I was wondering what to write about this morning and then read Julia’s¬†post about a beautiful bird she found in the snow. Which reminded me of a fabulous duck we spotted whilst going for a long walk in the snow.¬† Distance wise it wasn’t that long only a couple of miles, it felt long though because duck aside there were quite a few moans about being dragged in the freezing cold for a walk around the lake. Snow boredom had set in. Promises of hot chocolate and lunch in our favourite tea rooms afterwards helped……a bit.

So as we were wandering around Leighton Buzzard waterways we came across this beauty.

The photo was taken on a phone so the colours are not brilliant but it was truly stunning with an array of the most beautiful colours. It was spotted by my 9 year old son who is a wildlife and nature lover.

Any ideas what it is? My husband is the bird twitcher in this house and he didn’t know.

Have a happy Monday


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