Sorry Gok

I haven’t been on my yoga mat for a week and I really feel it. Not just physically but mentally as well. I have had shingles and am just in the tail end of it. Horrid virus that I have suffered with a few times, generally when I let myself get run down! But I am hoping that the pain in my arm is reduced enough for a few suryas (sun salutations later).

However, I do have exciting projects to work on. One of them is a bag order I received for a clutch made from a book. They are all the rage on the catwalk, so today I will start the design work for it. My friend who has requested this wants one made from a classic such as Jane Austen. To practise though I am using a cheaper hardback off Ebay. Sorry to all you fans of Gok Wan but I am using his autobiography. But hey, the man is in fashion so being used as a bag is quite fitting.

I will post back photos and if it works really well a tutorial.

Have a good day everyone

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  1. Julia says:

    Shingles is horrid, isn’t it? Unless you’ve had it, you can’timagine how debilitating it is. Sending you a hug through the ether.

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