About Joanna and Funky Yoga Bags

Hi I am Joanna and I make all the bags for sale at Funky Yoga Bags. My reason for setting up the website was a passion for yoga and a love of bags; simple really. My frustration began when my new all singing all dancing warrior yoga mat wouldn’t fit into the bag I had, no matter how tightly I rolled it up. I also had nowhere to put the banana, water, iPhone and studio pass I take each time I go. So you will find that even the basic drawstring bag will hold most mats, towel, water, phone and keys. My desire for colour influences the bright and bold fabric choices, however there are plain bags to choose from as well that are made with just as much love.

My new silk range is truly beautiful and although not recommended if the rain is lashing down, are ideal for a yoga retreat.

I have a love of yoga and personally practise Ashtanga although I have practiced Hatha, Iyenga and Anusara over the years . Pop over to my blog http://blog.funkyogabags.com/ where I write about my struggle for a daily practice with two children, my own business and chickens. Don’t forget to say hello.

If you fancy a colour that is not displayed here then please feel free to contact me at info@funkyyogabags.com. You can also find me on twitter by following @funkyyogabags or clicking the link on the home page.

I make lots of day to day bags, purses and a range of scarves that can be found via my Facebook page accessed via www.facebook.com/joannasbags or clicking the link on the home page.

Once again thank you for stopping by.


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